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Unimor Private Mortgages Explained

If you own a home and “traditional” lenders have turned you down, a first or second private mortgage might be a good solution for you.

Private first, and second mortgages are based heavily on LTV (loan to value) and are often easier to qualify for because they are based on your homes equity, not other factors such as proof of income or credit issues.
We Invest in People Not Just Numbers
Most private mortgages are funded through investors who are seeking a greater return on their financial investments. Our private lenders are considered high risk mortgage lenders and are comfortable and often experienced with investments that are secured against real estate. They look past what conventional lenders won’t, such as bad credit, bankruptcy, and environmental or zoning issues. Our private mortgage lenders invest in people and property and not on just reports and numbers.

Private mortgage investors may review documents such as bank statements, appraisals, employment letters, to feel more confident about the loan. An experienced mortgage agent can help present your story to show them why you, and your property are a smart investment.
Experience Matters when Applying for a Private Mortgage
Every investor has different levels of comfort. That’s why it’s wise to use a brokerage that has experience working with private deals. Unimor Capital is one of few FSCO licensed private mortgage administrators in Ontario. We have decades of experience and hundreds of private mortgage investors who have come to trust us with their investments. As a Unimor client you leverage this trust when applying for private funding.

Many of our private mortgage investors even consider farm mortgages, modular home mortgages, commercial mortgages, cottage or vacation property, and in some cases, mortgages on vacant land.
Secure Your Private Mortgage Today
We’ve helped hundreds of clients successfully secure private mortgage loans. Loans that were advantageous for both the borrower and the lender. Request your free quote today, and let’s make your situation a success story too.

Start your search for a private mortgage lender with an accredited and FSCO licensed administrator Lic.#11657. Member: BBB, IMBA, Trust Guard Verified.

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Loan Details

Which Best Describes Your Situation?

  • Proof Of Income Issues.
  • Severely Damaged Credit.
  • Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Consumer Proposal.
  • Non Traditional Debt Consolidation.
  • Unique – Non Conforming Property.
  • Raw Land.

We may be able to help…
General Guidelines When Considering A Private Mortgage:

  • Interest Rates - You will find private mortgage lenders Ontario rates to be typically higher than Ontario bank posted rates.
  • Term Length – Terms can be as little as one year to as much as five years, and even longer if there is a legitimate reason.
  • Fee Structure - depends on the loan types – but may range from 1 to 5% or higher.
  • Location - most private lenders invest in properties close to where they reside, but not always.
  • Loan Approval - can be as little as 24hours up to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the transaction.

We Walk You Step By Step Through The Process
To gain access to a legitimate private lender, it’s best to work with a company that is experienced in successfully facilitating the deal.

First, we help structure the deal in a way that makes the most sense for you. We recommend optimal finance strategies, and keep the process clean and simple.

Second, we take a look at the entire application, including the back story, package it as an investment and present it to the most appropriate private mortgage lender in Ontario for their approval.

Third, we facilitate protection of you, the borrower, to ensure that all regulatory bodies are involved and the paperwork is handled properly throughout.

Why Choose Unimor Capital?

No Hidden Fees or Commitment to Worry About
Unlike many other private mortgage companies you won’t find any fees secretly buried in your loan. We believe in full transparency and disclosure throughout the entire process. We want you to feel completely confident about your choices. At Unimor there is no commitment, obligation, or hidden cost for a quote. Our role is to provide you with details about rates, terms, related costs, and the best possible advice for your situation, but ultimately YOU decide if you are comfortable accepting a lender’s offer. If you choose to not move forward, there is no cost to you whatsoever.
Access To Surprisingly Low Interest Rates
Millions of dollars in in private mortgage loans have been processed through Unimor Capital. Why is this important? Because it is this volume that has established trust with our private lenders. Our lenders trust us, which means we can offer you some of the most competitive rates on the market! Think of it as buying in bulk – the more we buy, the more you save.
More Private Lending Options
We’ve built up a network of dozens of private lending partners over the last 30 years. We have Ontario based private lenders on stand by right now to accept qualified private mortgage requests. We help you find you the lowest interest rate for your situation. We’re confident we can provide you with a private mortgage quote you will be pleased with.
Quick Close Loans
According to many past clients we close our private mortgages in half the time as other brokerages they’ve worked with. We’re not just a 9 to 5 company. We work tirelessly to make sure you get the best possible quote and your loan closed in as short a time as possible! Even if it means working through the night to get your time sensitive deal closed. That is our unwavering commitment to you!
With thousands of clients and over 500 million financed since 1980, Unimor has the experience to get you approved at the lowest rate for your situation. You can feel confident knowing we will handle every detail of your mortgage loan efficiently from start to close.
Ongoing Communication:
We keep you informed and feeling comfortable about the details every step of the way!
Finding the right loan can be stressful. Very stressful. From the time you request your free mortgage quote, to the day you close on your loan, we make the entire process as convenient, easy, and as low stress as possible. Bottom line, we know you’re busy, so we cut the red tape out as much as possible.
Ontario Wide Service
We have private mortgage lenders in Windsor and across Ontario. For clients at a distance, we’ve streamlined the entire mortgage application process. Through phone, fax, and email, all paperwork is efficiently and securely handled in minimal time.
Trusted Experts in What We Do
For years we’ve been helping people like you find the perfect private loans. My team and I are members of IMBA – (Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario), which sets the “gold standard” in ethics and knowledge of its associates. We are also a member of good standing with the Better Business Bureau. More about Us

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