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Avoid Paying Too Much on Your Next Mortgage Renewal

Is your mortgage up for renewal soon? Why risk overpaying? You may qualify for a better rate. Most banks tend to offer you their posted rate with very little or no discount. Unfortunately many Ontario borrowers take this first offer. They settle for a higher rate and a mortgage they have outgrown when in fact they qualify for something better. Let’s think about that for a second. We’ll use a $200,000 mortgage as an example. A rate cut of even half a percent over the course of a 5 year term could mean an additional $5000 savings for you the borrower. That’s money that stays in your pocket, not the banks. What could you do with that extra savings?


Introducing a Quick and Easy Way to Renewal Shop

Unimor ‘s connected network of mortgage lenders can help you uncover competitive mortgage rates (and terms) better than your posted renewal rate. Discounting with Unimor Capital can be as high as 1.75% off posted bank rates. With our free quote option you can get up to 4 mortgage offers quickly and easily with no obligation or cost. If we can’t find you something better, you simply go back to your current lender with full confidence knowing you have done your homework.


Why Renew Through Unimor Capital?

Lower Interest Rate: Discover if you qualify for a lower rate. A lower rate could save you thousands of dollars over the new term of your mortgage.


Up to 120 Day Early Renewal Rate Hold: If we uncover a better rate – you lock it in. Your new rate stays in place for up to 4 months prior to the end of your old term. If rates rise during the 4 months, you are guaranteed to keep your low rate. But what if rates go down? We simply move you to the new, even lower interest rate. All with no risk or obligation to you (did we mention quotes are free too).


Flexible Mortgage Payments: Like the idea of paying off your mortgage sooner? Choose from weekly or bi-weekly payment options to accelerate savings. Or choose monthly for a more conventional approach to mortgage payments. The choice is yours with your new term.


Pre-payment Options: Apply up to 20% of the principal and up to 20% increase in payments to chip away at your mortgage faster with no additional penalties or costs to you.


Free Title Insurance. Title insurance is necessary when registering a mortgage with any lender. Without it you can’t renew. You don’t pay for title insurance when you choose a Unimor Capital lender. Your title insurance is fully covered saving you up to $300.


No Legal Transfer fees: Legal fees may apply when transferring your mortgage. Legal fees can include property search, registering the mortgage, tax account setup, and can be as high as $750 in additional costs. Unimor Capital lending partners cover all lender fees with no out of pocket cost to you.


Discharge Fee Covered(1): Some lenders penalize you with a fee for leaving. This fee is called a “discharge fee”. Discharge fees can range from $200 – $400 depending on the lender. At Unimor Capital we work with your new lender to cover any discharge fees.


No Hidden Fees: At Unimor Capital you won’t find any hidden fees secretly buried in your mortgage renewal. We believe in full transparency and disclosure throughout the entire process. We want you to feel completely confident about your choices. At Unimor there is no commitment, obligation, or cost for a mortgage quote. Our role is to provide you with details about rates, terms, and the best advice for your situation, but ultimately YOU decide if you are comfortable accepting a lender’s offer. If you choose to not move forward, there is no cost to you whatsoever.


Wide Range of Renewal Options: Unimor Capital has access to dozens of different mortgage renewal Ontario & Canadian based lending partners, including chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions, and non traditional lenders. This reach helps ensure you find the lowest interest rate for your situation. With dozens of lending products at your disposal, we’re confident we can provide you with a renewal quote you will smile about.


Expert Advice: With thousands of clients and over 500 million financed since 1980, Unimor has the experience to get you approved at the lowest rate for your situation. You can feel confident knowing we will handle every detail of your loan efficiently from start to close.


Clear, Ongoing Communication: We keep you informed and feeling comfortable about the details every step of the way!


Convenience: Renewing your mortgage can be a little stressful. From the time you request your free mortgage renewal quote, to the day you close on your loan, we make the entire mortgage renewal process as convenient, easy, and as low stress as possible. Bottom line, we know you’re busy, so we cut the red tape out as much as possible. For clients at a distance, we’ve streamlined the entire mortgage application process. Through phone, fax, and email, all paperwork is efficiently and securely handled in minimal time.


Discover which mortgage renewal option is best for you. The process is easy. Simply request an online quote or call my office toll free (866) 842-4711. Compare real offers by trusted lenders as they compete for your business. Choose one. Save time. I handle every detail for you. It’s FREE and there is no obligation.
(1) Some lenders may cover a discharge fee by capitalizing it into your new mortgage. This helps you avoid paying out of pocket. Discharge fees become very nominal when handled this way.

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