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Mortgage LendersWhen you request a personalized quote we immediately screen rates, promotions, and terms of dozens of different lending partners to find you the best mortgage rates. Unimor offers dozens of lending products with preferred mortgage rates ideal for all kinds of unique circumstances. Hassle free mortgage shopping, it’s what we are all about. Our unique process.

Unimor Capital offers many sources for mortgage funds beyond traditional banks. Here are just a few of our many mortgage lending sources who compete for your business:

1. Chartered Banks:

A traditional source for mortgages, Unimor’s partnered chartered banks offer conventional and insured hi-ratio first mortgages as well as conventional and insured hi-ratio second mortgages.

2. Credit Unions:

Credit unions can offer unique mortgage products that fit some people perfectly. Unimor partners with a number of credit unions who offer conventional first and second mortgages as well as insured hi-ratio first mortgages.

3. Trust and Mortgage Loan Companies

Unimor partners with many trust and mortgage loan companies who provide conventional and insured hi-ratio financing.

4. Finance Companies

Regulated under the MBLAA, Unimor’s partnering finance companies specialize in conventional and hi-ratio first and second mortgages.

5. Private Investors

Unimor has one of the largest networks of private lenders in Ontario. As one of the few companies in Ontario licensed as a Mortgage Administrator (Lic.#11657) to process private deals, Unimor can offer all types of mortgage financing for situations where traditional lenders won’t approve.

6. Pension Funds & Life Insurance Companies

Common with multi-residential and commercial mortgages, Unimor’s partnering pension fund lenders offer conventional and insured first mortgages. Request Your Free Quote Today
Put the combined power of dozens of Canadian mortgage lenders to work for you today. There’s no cost or obligation to request a quote.

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