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Unimor Capital offers:


  • Expertise in Business for Self Mortgages
  • Flexible Mortgage Terms
  • Self Employment Lenders Available
  • Surprisingly Low Rates
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  • Quick Closings
  • No Hidden Fees

Self-employed small businesses are the backbone to the Canadian economy.

Why do most banks make it so difficult to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed?

We offer alternative mortgage programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional banks our lenders look at your credit history in addition to business financials and revenues.

4 Reasons This Program May Be Right For You:

  • It’s easier to qualify than traditional bank loans. No proof of income required as long as you have 35% equity or 20% down payment for a purchase or refinance up to 75% loan to value.
  • Less paperwork and hassle. Our process doesn’t require multiple detailed financial statements or income verification.
  • Approval is based on your personal credit history, not your business history.
  • Mortgages available on residential single-family, owner-occupied properties and in a conventional (uninsured) or high-ratio (insured) form.


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