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Top 4 Advantages of Private Home Mortgage Lenders

Posted on January 8th, 2016 by admin

private home mortgage lenders

Is the Canadian Government doing a good job of encouraging institutional banks to make mortgages accessible to all citizens? For some the answer is no. Today we look at a home loan / equity lender alternative that some individuals may find better tailored to fit their needs. Gradually, more individuals are learning about the key | Read More »

2 Bad Habits by Private Mortgage Lenders – And How You Can Avoid Them

Posted on November 27th, 2014 by admin

private mortgage lenders

Private mortgage lenders can be a very useful resource for difficult situations requiring short-term financing. Their flexibility in difficult situations compared to traditional banks gives them considerable appeal. However, potential borrowers should use caution. Like any other industry there are professional and not-so professional individuals. Aggressive private mortgage lenders can entice borrowers to enter agreements | Read More »

Private Mortgage Investors or Loan Sharks?

Posted on March 2nd, 2013 by Connie

loan shark brief cases

Not too long ago getting approved for a mortgage was a piece of cake. Lenders have since tightened their lending restrictions. For some borrowers getting approved is harder than navigating a minefield, one wrong step can blow up the entire deal. In the past if you had one piece of the application process not line | Read More »

Private Lender vs Institutional Lender

Posted on May 13th, 2012 by Connie


I often get asked if using a private lender is a wise choice. Before I answer that question, let’s first compare a private mortgage with an traditional mortgage. It is important to understand the difference between what a private lender and an “institutional lender” look for when considering an applicant.

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